Music; the Melody of My Life

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Jamie Klatke
Mrs. Bovee
English 10
11 October 2010
Music: the Melody of Life <3
“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.” – Maya Angelo. Singing honestly makes me forget everything that I think about daily, especially when I’m truly singing I feel the happiest that I believe I ever could. I believe that even if you think you can’t sing well, you should sing anyways because it’s the one thing in the world that everyone agrees on. Not the language, but the music notes, the counting and the lettering is the same anywhere in the world you go. That way we can all sing together. Singing releases my anger, my hurt, and my sadness and filters me. Music takes me to my own world and I always have a song in my head. Music has had a huge influence on my life and it will continue to influence the things I do and the decisions I make.

Disney movies and their songs really took a hold of me. I can’t remember one time in life that I didn’t like them. For a couple of my birthdays, my parents got me ‘Disney’s Greatest’ soundtracks. I took out the book of lyrics out and memorized their songs, even though I hardly needed to. We have a video of me singing ‘Provincial Life’ from ‘Beauty and the Beast’. I sing through the whole thing and I do everything Belle does in the movie.

My dream has always been to be in a musical and be the star of a musical, although I’ve never been the star of a musical let alone been in a play. What inspired me to want to do plays were Disney movies because I had so much fun just watching them and singing along to all their songs. I could still sing them all the way through and sing them loud and proud. I could really hold a note and the bigger I’m getting, the longer I am learning to hold them.

I’ve tried out for about four plays and I didn’t get into any of them. I’m starting to think that they are just not for me. I’m too scared to sing in front of people; plus I know being in plays take a lot of your time and commitment from seeing my friends when they were in plays. I realize now that when I’m ready to do a play, I will learn to speak up and get what I want, but truly right now I don’t believe I could do it. I’m known for singing everywhere I go anyways. I don’t try to sing well when I’m with people but they all say I have a pretty voice when I belt it out. I don’t try to belt it out unless I’m actually in the mood and need to think because singing helps me think.

There are some songs that I still can’t even listen to today because I’ve listened to them so many times, but Disney songs are the only songs that couldn’t get old. My favorite song right now is “Just a Dream” by Nelly. I could listen to it all day. It speaks to me. It’s just one of those songs. I don’t think I could get sick of it, but that’s what I say every time I have a favorite song. I think the songs that I like the most are the ones that I can relate to the most, at least at the time that they were my favorite. Listening to old songs that I really liked before brings me back to when they were my favorite songs and why I listened to them so much because they really spoke to my current situation. They also probably sound real cool because I have a good taste in music.

Once middle school started I got into that stage where I thought I was so bad. I got into screamo music, rock, and death metal type stuff. As you would imagine, most of those songs have hidden meanings and it’s very depressing. That music was a huge influence on why I got depressed at the end of 7th grade. It didn’t last very long because as soon as I realized I was scared of my thoughts, I asked my mom for a counselor.

My first counselor was in Buffalo. I forgot her name, but it was something like Mandy or Mindy. She was a tall lady and very friendly. She seemed to stay real and straight forward with her thoughts on things and that is why she was my favorite counselor. While I was still going there I went to a doctor in St....
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