Music Technology & Modern Society

Topics: Sound, Media technology, Hip hop Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: July 28, 2012
In this essay I am going to talk about how specific aspects of hip hop have evolved with technology from the period of the 1970's up to present time.

Hip Hop recordings during the 70's mostly consisted of PA system recordings from parties where rappers would perform, and also DJ's who used to create the very first mixtapes with different artists featuring on them. This was usually recorded on a turntable with a standard dynamic microphone which created the raw 'old school' Hip Hop sound people hear it as today.

Casette recordings were highly popular during the 80's before digital tape recorders became the standard use during the 90's.

This creates a huge contrast between Hip Hop today as it is now as easy as to ring an engineer and book studio time to have high quality sound recordings created within 30 minutes. This is due to the technological advancements not only in Hip Hop, but music itself through the use of electronic software recordings and other equipment and sound effects that are easily used through the software. Software such as Logic, Pro Tools and Cubase have almost completely replaced all other styles of recording due to the efficiency of them.

Hip Hop production has also changed a vast amount due to the software that is now available to everyone and anyone. In the old school days of Hip Hop, instrumentals were mostly created using hardware and live recordings of instruments using analogue synthesizers and drum machines, whereas now all it takes is to download a program and you can create a simple sequence using default sounds within minutes. I think this has created a pollution type of affect on this genre as there is a lot of bad quality sounding Hip Hop not only on the internet but radio stations etc. which drowns out the sound of the original sampled jazz, funk and skilled lyricism which was originally intended for Hip Hop.

The advancements of software has not only changed the way Hip Hop is created but the way that it is...
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