Music Technology and Modern Society

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Music Technology And Modern Society
The music industry is one industry that has been greatly affected by technology.  The newest way that singers and musicians are using technology, the merging of satellite communications and radio, and technology that helps artists track how often their songs are played on the radio.

Since the launch in April 2003, the iTunes music store has sold more than 600 million songs.  The company has more than 10 million account holders, and sells 1.8 million songs a day globally, entitled Apple’s IPod Success Goldsmith further says that because of piracy, bootleg CD’s, and being able to download only the few songs that you like from an entire CD has led to increasingly declining sales for physical CD’s.  During a web cast for the financial results for iTunes is not in twenty countries and accounts for 85% of the global music downloads.   The huge success of online music stores, in particular iTunes, has not gone unnoticed and has attracted the attention of many top artists.  According to the Rock and Roll Report website and the iTunes Exclusives page, artists such as Elvis Costello, Bruce Springsteen, the Foo Fighters, the Grateful Dead, Melissa Etheridge, and Willie Nelson have distributed pre releases, singles, and entire albums through the iTunes music service before you can get the physical CD at the music store.  In a lot of cases, the song can only be downloaded from iTunes.  Artists have good reason to flock to iTunes. iTunes has risen to number seven of the top ten retailers in the U.S, because of its tremendous growth, beating out Tower Records, Sam Goody, and Borders.

The next technology that has changed dynamics in a number of industries is satellite technology.  Some of the many uses that companies are using satellites for is GPS tracking, cable television, Internet access, and voice communication. It is also being used broadcast radio stations.  The two companies that have licenses from the FCC for satellite radio...
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