Music Report

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Music I
Music Report
1. Describe the type event.
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On Thursday, 22nd of November, 2012, I went with a few college classmates, at “Megaron”, the Athens Concert Hall. We attended the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra, the oldest symphony orchestra in Russia (founded in 1882), conducted by Yuri Temirkanov (winner of the Abbiati Prize in 2003 and 2007). The soloist was Nelson Freire (piano). 2. Describe the events on stage before the music begins.

The event took place at the remarkable venue of Christos Lambrakis’ Hall, one of the best-designed halls anywhere in Europe. When I entered the Hall, I was amazed by the attention that was paid in every little detail, which gave rise to that fabulous image. The roof was really high, which made the venue look immense. The hall’s maximum capacity is 1961, but the number of seats can be changed to suit the kind of event being staged, so this is a multi-use place. Stage, seats and ceiling can all be adjusted as required by changing the shape of the venue. From sound amplification systems, the hall also has nine simultaneous interpretation booths and a giant screen above the stage. Lastly, the Hall holds the biggest pipe organ in Greece, with 6,080 pipes, constructed by Klais Orgelbau.

photos: Stefanos Karamanian
I was absorbed with all that, when suddenly the professional musicians entered the stage. There seemed to be a dressed code, as everyone was in black tie or formal dresses. They sit in their own seats, and started tuning their musical instruments. Moreover musicians warmed up their muscles and focused their concentration before the actual performance. After a while, there was silence, the conductor came, the performers got up and the audience applauded, so the music began. 3. State the pieces you heard.

The orchestra was divided in two sections. The first piece was the Piano Concerto no 2, by the composer Johannes Brahms...
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