Music Reference to 'the Catcher in the Rye'

Topics: Novel, English-language films, Love Pages: 3 (1081 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Miranda 1

English I Honors
04 December 2011

Song: “Animal”
Artist: Neon Trees

The best connection I found between the novel and the song, “Animal” by Neon Trees is located in the first verse. The singer says “.., I kinda want to be more then friends.” I thought this could be a reference to Holden’s feelings toward Jane Gallagher. When he says, “I realize, but she was terrific to hold hands with.” (Salinger 103), it indicates that he just hasn’t had that type of affection too much before. Holden’s name is an indication that he likes to “hold on” to things. Not only holding Jane’s hand, when they were younger, but also holding on to his memories of her as they both get older and fall apart. The next connection occurs in the second verse of “Animal”. The singer says to take it easy on him, and that he’s afraid that the girl he’s referring to is never satisfied. Holden saying, “Every time I got to the part about her out with Stradlater in the damn Ed Banky’s car, it almost drove me crazy.” (Salinger 104), obviously portrays that he still cares for Jane after all those years apart. Holden still remembers how she used to play chess. Thinking he’s not good enough for Jane, Holden just lets Stradlater take her out, thinking that might be what Jane likes now. A final connection between the song and the novel is when the singer says, “Say goodbye to my heart tonight.” This would indicate Holden’s feelings when he first finds out his roommate, Stradlater, is going out with his childhood friend, Jane Gallagher.

Miranda 2
Song: “Hate Everyone”
Artist: Say Anything

The best connection between the novel and the song, “Hate everyone” is pretty self-explanatory and the whole song represents Holden, pretty much. Holden was a bit of a juvenile. The chorus, which repeats throughout, portrays his thoughts throughout the whole book. The singer says that he hates everyone. Holden is always trying to find something bad in someone. The...
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