Music Programs Should Be Kept

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  • Published : March 11, 2007
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Music Essay

Music is everywhere in our life. It's an important part of our culture. So why are music programs being cut from school? Music education may seem unimportant, but that is far from the truth. Music is important because the music taught in schools whether they are classical or fairly recent, help in learning as well! Music affects the brain to somehow learn faster and more efficiently. This has actually been done by physicist Dr. Harvey Bird from Fairleigh Dickinson University and neurobiologist Dr. Gervasia Schreckenberg from Georgian Court College in Lakewood. They used mice and a maze. They would have three sets of mice. One had to listen to voodoo music, the second had to listen to classical music, and the last did not have to listen to any music. Extraordinarily, the mice that had listened to the classical music were the fastest to solve the maze.

This actually proves that music is important for problem solving, and memorizing. All essential in schools, that can be gained from music programs. However the schools are getting rid of most or all of the music programs that students could gain so much from. Music programs aren't only good for education as well. They help students express themselves ,as I have stated before. Expressing yourself helps in making yourself calm and stress free. This is extremely important to your mind as well. This will help you drain your stress from anything that happened to you. And just express all those emotions into music.

Therefore, music programs should not be taken away for they have plenty to offer to students that not only benefit their progress in school, but also in their mind and emotions.
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