Music Player Market Research in India

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Music Bot
M a r k e t i n g P l a n

Sahil Mehta

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Company Description
Name Music Bot

Location India.

Target Audience Music lovers of all ages.

Product The CloudPod - A music player that works through the internet.

2 3

Competitive Analysis
Market Revenue
The total market revenue in 2011/2012 was pegged at Rs.290 Cr. up from just 235 the previous year.

23% rise
Rs. 235 Cr

Rs. 290 Cr

Competitors Apple (45%) Transcend (15%) SanDisk (15%) Sony (15%) Others (10%)




Major Competition
Name Apple

Products iPod (Shu e/Nano/Classic/Touch)

Strengths Ease-of-Use, Quality Hardware, Regular Software Updates, Cool Factor

Weaknesses Higher Prices, Batteries Non-Replaceable by User, Expensive Repair Services, Doesn’t provide a way to access free music, & iTunes Store is expensive.


Audience Analysis
Research indicates a 28% increase in the percentage of music fans in India in the past 4 years. 36 %

Place (%) Home (72%) Car (3%) Commute (9%) Work (10%)

The numbers are highest in the 15-30 age bracket followed by the 12-14 age group and 30-39 age group. 48%

28% rise

30% 22% 8%







Suitable methods of promotion

1. An identity for Music Bot & the CloudPod
This includes creation of a logo & stationary to supplement it.

This includes magazine ads and posters.

This includes website interactivity design.


Executive Summary
Industry Music Players Project Manager Sahil Mehta Team 3 Graphic Designers 1 Web Designer 1 Multimedia Designer 1 Copywriter In-house printers

Music players have reigned the music world in the recent past. The astonishing sales gure of digital MP3 players is apparently a mere fraction of what it will be in the near future. The mass popularity can be attributed to features such as easy portability, impeccable function, and light weight. MP3 players are indeed a boon to music lovers everywhere, and have been a de nite hit with music a cionados in India. With technological evolution at hand, the past one year has witnessed enhanced sales of music players. With a growth of 23% the market for them in India is at Rs.290 crore as of 2012. The aim of this proposal is to take everything that is so amazing about Music Bot, and present it to the audience in an aesthetically pleasing way/ It is essentially a plan for the methods that may be used to promote Music Bot, and its sole product, the CloudPod. This includes giving Music Bot a fun and interesting identity so as to make consumers aware of their presence while keeping in mind what they are really about, and highlighting these features in all of the design solutions proposed.


Business Objectives
Our aim is to complete the following promotional solutions within the stipulated time.

1. Logo
Trying to keep in mind that the company and prodcut will need to have a fun and interesting identity that will appeal to the younger generation, yet be visually and aesthetically engaging to people just outside the main target audience on the younger as well as older end, come up with a solution for a logo for the company.

2. Stationary
Based on the logo design, create the following :A template for business cards A template for letterheads. Keep in mind the fun, yet simple attitude of the company and product.

3. Print Ads
Focusing on the simplistic and minimal functionality of the product, design the following :3 x Single Page Ads for a magazine (A4) 1 x Centre-fold for a magazine (A4) 3 x A3 posters (Alternative marketing)

4. Website
Using the look and feel established through the logo, stationary, and print...
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