Music Performance Anxiety

Topics: Psychology, Anxiety, Mind Pages: 2 (827 words) Published: July 10, 2012
Performance anxiety is a difficult thing to handle for many pupils and an important discussion that educators often deliver. The article determines a model of music performance anxiety (MPA) based on working memory and attentional processes. This model is an easy-to-understand (and easy-to-communicate) for students of all ages. It is then used to arrange methods for performance anxiety to lessen, describing how each method work. This article also provides practical exercises to help students understand and manage performance anxiety. Experiencing a little nervousness or uneasiness to move is quite common among students and professionals. Recognizing and knowing that one is not alone in feeling MPA are the first few steps to solve the problem—developing a research-based model that uses two metaphors: “scratch pad” for working pad and “pop-ups” for intrusive thoughts. “Working memory” (WM) is what psychologists call when it is required for the person to know what to do and how to keep track of the entire process he/she is up to; being aware of what pattern works best for one’s limited mind, not dwelling on how one interferes with the performer himself/herself, and having threat evaluation system (TES) sensitive to signs of danger are some properties of WM. In explaining the model to students, these are the following steps: (1) Present the scratch pad concept—this is where someone would ask the student/s the reminders he/she/they need not to forget while performing, then afterwards illustrating or writing (perhaps in a board or a scratch pad that one will see) what the student/s mentioned. (2) Point out and encourage the student/s that those things to remember are not very big, and if there are too much written, we may not understand any of it; it is helpful to remove those information that are no longer needed or unobvious to commit in front of the audience. (3) Ask them how annoying pop-ups are in the computer desktop and be able to relate to them how similar it...
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