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Topics: Music, Guitar, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Pages: 6 (2185 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Alyssa Spalt

“Meet Me in Montauk”

Since their formation in 2004, Circa Survive has gone on to release four albums (MusiceMissions) that have propelled them to success and fame. Originally from Philadelphia (MusiceMissions), this rock band has sought out to touch the lives of many with their admirable lyrics and high use of instrumental talent. The song I have chosen to use for my essay is “Meet Me in Montauk” ( Although the album itself is classified under different forms of rock, I feel this specific piece falls under the “acoustic rock” category. I remember first hearing this song when a friend introduced it to me, and ever since then I have fallen deeply in love with the band. To me, this song holds a very special place in my heart for multiple reasons; some personal while others are not. I had never felt any sort of connection to a piece before this song, and even today I still cannot get enough of it. Juturna’s creation was actually inspired by the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” (Momentum Pictures). Hilariously enough, this film was actually my favorite prior to even knowing about the band. Personally, I am inclined to “Meet Me in Montauk” for not only sentimental reasons, but for the overall musicality of it as well. What I fancy most about this piece is the alluring lyrics and the simplicity of the chords on the acoustic guitar. The lyrics themselves are mesmerizing, and just like in the movie, slowly seem to fade away. While a simple piece at best, it seems more than anything that the meaning behind it is where the beauty really lies. There are many aspects to the cultural context of this song. Although the song is obviously for entertainment purposes, I believe that is also for personal reasons among the band members as well. Circa Survive obviously felt a deep enough connection with “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” to draw inspiration from the film, without a doubt there must have been something about the movie that penetrated the inner depths of their hearts to express themselves in such a manner. Likewise, the piece enables many fans to be able to connect on a more personal level with the band. After doing countless amounts of research on the band itself including tour dates, attending shows, posting on forums, becoming acquainted with other fans, and seeing concert images, I am able to speculate that the age group that consumes this band would be the generation of young adults today plus or minus a few years. I have been fortunate enough to attend many of their concerts and see Anthony Green solo live and from there be able to speculate who indulges in this band. Most fans are within the age range of fifteen to twenty five, and those that are not are older. Since the band originated from the United States, it is not hard to say that primarily Americans and those from the United Kingdom make up a majority of the listeners as well. With that being said, the reason why I believe my generation has the largest number of listeners is probably due to the music that our peers and parents knowingly or unknowingly exposed us to when we were younger. After careful review of the elements of music in relation to “Meet Me in Montauk”, I was able to determine which one accentuates this piece the most. In my opinion, I believe that the dynamics is what generates the feelings emitted when listening to this song. The song is played in mezzo piano, which means it is not loud nor soft, but somewhere in between. Dynamics have set the melancholy feel even more than the harmony itself. While the harmony in minor key is vital, it only brings out the piece to a certain extent. On the other hand, dynamics are the reason why the song has a resonating neutral tone. For example, the Star Spangled Banner could be played fortissimo which gives the feeling of superiority,...
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