Music of the 1950s

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  • Published : November 26, 2012
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Kayla Curlett
Period 5
Music of the 1950’s
Rock ‘n’ Roll, Pop, R&B, and Swing are some of the popular genres of music during the decade of the 1950’s. Music during this time period had a major influence on the people. It influenced their clothes, hair, fashion, dance moves, and their independence. Many teenagers during this time used the slogan “Sex, drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Some famous artists included Elvis Presley, Ricky Nelson, Fats Domino and Pat Boone. One of the biggest hits about the decade was Don McLean’s “The Day the Music Died.”

Classic Pop dominated the charts for the first half of the decade. Classic Pop often used orchestras to back up the vocalists. Pop music often included elements from other styles like urban, dance, rock and much more. However these elements defined pop music. These songs had repeated choruses and catchy hooks. Electric guitars, drums and bass were some of the main instruments used in these songs.

Despite the racial problems during the time, there was a sense of equality in Rock ‘n’ Roll. Chuck Berry was one of the first black Rock ‘n’ Roll performer that appealed to both audiences. He combined the sound of Rhythm and Blues with Rock ‘n’ Roll. The movie, “Blackboard Jungle,” gave Rock ‘n’ Roll a huge audience when Bill Haley and the Comets performed “Rock Around the Clock.” Bill Haley and the Comets practically became famous overnight.

Elvis Presley was the king of Rock ‘n’ Roll. He was said to have the greatest impact on early Rock ‘n’ Roll. For Elvis Presley, 1956 was a year like no other. In January he became a regional sensation but by the end of the year he had become a national prodigy. His first two albums were million dollar sellers which included top songs like “Hound Dog,” “Love Me Tender,” “Don’t be Cruel” and “Heartbreak Hotel.” He appeared on national television eleven times and appeared in his first movie called “Love Me Tender.” Elvis Presley had a unique style that was either loved or hated. He...
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