Music of Africa

Topics: Music, Performing arts, Performance Pages: 3 (1066 words) Published: March 22, 2013
20 March 2013
Performance Review

I chose to watch and review the performance "Drum Call to Convene: African Music Concert" by Nana Korantema Ayeboafo and the African Ensemble. The performance took place at Columbia University's Teachers College and Fourth Annual Health Disparities Conference on March 6, 2009. This performance led by Ms. Ayeboafo, was most definitely something unlike anything I've really heard before in this genre. After this performance and through research I have grown to have a strong understanding of what Ayeboafo is trying to achieve with her musical goals. She began to play percussion instruments as a young child and learned most all of her basic technique using random items one might find around a house. Later in life she received lessons based on the works of drummers such as Baba Olatunji from Nigeria and Saka Acquaye from Ghana. In 1975, she formed the first female percussion ensemble in Philadelphia making her one of the most well-known artists to perform on hand drums such as the conga and other instruments such as the bell, marimba and vocals. I feel that the purpose of this concert is a great representation of what Ayeboafo stands for as an artist and a person. The whole event itself was put together to create a chance for musicians from around the world to show their talents and spread knowledge of their cultures music and style, making an event such as this one a perfect place for African percussion to make an impact. I felt that the performance over all was very fun and offered a catchy and entertaining sound. Not only did the music sound smooth but all of the performers seemed to be on point and enjoying themselves as we'll, which for me, makes the entire show that much more enjoyable. Their level of technicality and energy was overall more than average in my opinion, but as I said, this just provided for that much more of a performance. Although all of the performers had their unique sound, I felt that all ten of the...
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