Music/Math Rainstorm Lesson Plan

Topics: Mathematics, Pattern, Sound Pages: 2 (344 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Melanie Mercurio

Category- Music

Title of Activity- Rainstorm

Subject Integration- Math: children will repeat the pattern of a rainstorm while making the sounds of a rainstorm.

Grade Level- First

Time- 40 minutes

Objective- The first grade student will demonstrate understanding of patterns and create their own pattern of music.

Sunshine State Standards-

MU.1.F.1.1: Create sounds or movement freely with props, instruments, and/or found sounds in response to various music styles and/or elements.

MA.1.A.1.4: Use counting strategies, number patterns, and models as a means for solving basic addition and subtraction fact problems.

Materials- Pattern Fish by Trudy Harris

Pattern Math Counts by Henry Pluckrose.

1. This lesson is being continued from a previous pattern lesson so the children are familiar with patterns. 2. The teacher will review what a pattern is: a distinctive style, or form. 3. The teacher will then explain to the class that today they will be creating the sound of a rainstorm while counting the different sounds. The teacher will then demonstrate to the students so they have an example of what they will be doing. 4. The teacher will then ask the students what sounds they can think of that a rainstorm makes. 5. Student’s responses can vary from clap, stomp, shuffle, snap… etc. 6. Then the teacher will have each group of tables (children are seated in groups of four) pick the sound they want to make. 7. The teacher will explain to the students that each group will come u with a “rain” pattern using the brainstormed ideas then the other groups will repeat it. 8. Once this activity is done the students can choose between reading Pattern Fish by Trudy Harris or Pattern Math Counts by Henry Pluckrose.

Adaptation for Special Needs- The teacher will be standing close to a child with ADD or ADHD, and break the assignment down into small steps.

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