Music Mania Paper

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Music Mania Land


Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Information Systems Table

Information Systems Overview Summary

Executive Summary

Music Mania shop different electronic mobile devices. Our customers are also able to download music onto their hard drives on their computers. From there on music is able to be transferred to a CD rom or a floppy disk and even be transferred back and forth. In order for a record store to become effective and process efficiently allows users to obtain the different kinds of music that they are interested in and focus more on what catches their ear. My records store allows people from all over the world to focus on their different musical sensations. Our customers may customize their software to download music and to be able to download music from their ipod or electronic devices. They may also store music onto their hard drives. Music can even be uploaded from a floppy disk or a cd rom and transferred. there are a few steps of information that will support a record store. ·Control accounts payable

·Import credit card purchases
·Obtain a spreadsheet for the entire store’s budget
·Create activity reports


The different information systems and technological information will all assistance to this table I created to stand out to my competitors and show the increase from the record sales.

Information Records Chart
The following chart will explain the account of information systems and the manner we may apply this technology to develop our record store and preserve data.

Management information systems|||

This table shows knowledgeable data which will increase the activity in our company. The negative encounters which can be resulting in data that are minor, even though...
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