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A Comprehensive Review of “1: A Night of Acoustic Music”

Production Group: Matthew J. Cotton, Jeff Friedlander, Tristan Kusman, Andrew Lee, Ria Mehta, Rebekah Woods

Part ONE: Show Production Final Project

The Journal was turned in during class, containing all the information about the meetings, discussions, planning, contracts, conversations, promotions, and other materials used for our production.

Part TWO: Group Paper – Outlining the Complete Process and My Participation

Explain team organization, areas of responsibility and communications. Matthew and Rebekah were the original members of the group; they discussed and decided on the musical genre of the show (acoustic, singer/songwriter) and venue (Ground Zero).  Other members (Andrew, Tristan, Jeff, Polly, and Ria) joined in the following two weeks and duties were appointed at the time.  The following responsibilities were given: Tristan, talent/hospitality; Matthew, venue; Rebekah, budgets/paperwork; Andrew, Polly, Jeff, Ria, promotions.  Polly eventually dropped the class, leaving Andrew, Jeff, and Ria as our promotional team.  As the event got closer, each member’s duties changed and narrowed.  Jeff and Andrew both contributed to the flyer design, but Andrew ended up taking the reigns on that project.  Jeff bought the gifts for each artist that we gave as thank you gifts.  Ria handled social media promotion via Facebook.  Tristan constructed an artist contract and helped with the booking of artists.  Matthew acted as the liaison between the group and Ground Zero.  Rebekah was responsible for assigning tasks to group members and recording all aspects of the event in the project binder.  The entire group shared the responsibility of passing out flyers.  Most contact between group members was done via email, however cell phones were used for urgent needs. How well did the group function as a team?

The group functioned very well as a group.  Every idea and plan was a group effort (by the members of the group at the time the decision was made).  Were responsibilities shared equally?
As the event date neared, responsibilities became more equal.  In the beginning however, Rebekah and Matthew took on more duties simply because they were the only group members for a period of time. Did anyone try to shirk responsibilities or exercise too much control? The only group member issue we had involved Polly’s attendance.  She was only there for one or two meetings, so it was hard to include her in plans.  However, she ended up dropping the class, so we took her out of the equation and moved on.  Matthew and Rebekah usually took on the leader position in the group, but only because they had been a part of the event since the very beginning.  They were the most knowledgeable about venue relations, etcetera.  But duties were equally appointed to ensure the project was a group effort. Explain the contractual and financial arrangements, and the financial outcome. We originally had Tristan make us a contract for our artists.  The contract stated that the artist would agree to perform, and if he/she had to back out for some reason, it needed to be at least three weeks before the event to give us time to find a replacement.  If the artist backed out, he/she would have to pay the group $100 or find a suitable replacement.  A few artists had problems with the agreement; one artist did not want to promise $100 if he was not getting paid to do the event and another artist was not quite sure what she was even agreeing to when signing the contract.  Because of these issues, we got rid of the contracts and just stayed in touch with the artists to constantly make sure they were still willing and able to play the event. Because of the small nature of the event, we decided to not have sponsors, donations, or merchandise for sale at the concert.  This required each group member to pay out of pocket.  Matthew paid Ground Zero the $100 refundable deposit and $60 rental fee. ...
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