Music Is My Religion

Topics: Record producer, Full-time, Music Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: April 30, 2013
"The job salary for a music producer is peanuts to caviar." I want to be music producer because I love music. Music is what makes me how I am and it’s my life. If I were to become a music producer, then I would need about 4 years of college, earn a salary between 98,880 -162,000, and have several skills that I can apply to my career.

I would work 5 days a week at 60$ and the hours vary. I believe people get paid the amount because, they are good at what they do and they are discovered by multiple people. If I got paid as much as somebody like Lex Luger, I would make sure my family is living comfortable. I think the money wouldn't change me I think it would change the things around me. I would need the best knowledge of Music producing to make as much money as possible.

To become a music producer I need to go to college for 5 semesters at Full Sail University. To get into Full Sail I need a GPA of 3.0 or better. My Major would be Music Business. I choose this college because it’s far from home and it would be a great experience to be on college campus than online. I also choose Full Sail because I was recommended by an Alumni.

I would need several skills to be a music producer like, Musical Ability, how to manage and documenting audio files, and Song writer. Musical ability is the easiest skill to have cause your basically born with it. Managing and documenting audio files is something I already do like changing mp4's to mp3's or putting different files into a folder to keep organized. Song Writing is the hardest part about being a music producer. Song Writing has many steps like actually writing the song and then finding a beat to match the words. You also have to be very creative.

Being a music producer is a full time job. I job that requires love for music and dedication and hard work. Music to me is more like a religion, its something that means alot to me and becoming a music producer is like opening the doors to a mansion you just bought....
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