Music Industry Analysis

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Analysis on Music Instrument Industry of Bangladesh

Analysis on Music Instrument Industry of Bangladesh

Submitted to:
Mr. Md. Saif Noman Khan
Assistant Professor

Submitted by:
Md. Mashrur Rahman Khan(Zr-11)
(Group Leader)
Contact No.01675694513
Sayeed Shorif Russel(Zr-08)
Adib Iqbal Umit(Zr-12)
Abdullah Al Muyid(Zr-18)
Saif Hasan(Zr-21)
Shah Shihab Sadman (Zr-27)
Fahmid Shawon(Zr-28)
Shamsuddin Muhammad Ishtiaque(Zr-30)
Al Imran Bin Khodadad(Zr-46)
Nafiz Alam Khan(Zr-47)

BBA 18
Institute of Business Administration
University of DhakA

December 20, 2010

Mr. Saif Noman Khan
Assistant Professor
Institute of Business Administration
University of Dhaka

Dear Sir:

It is our distinct pleasure to hand over to you our term paper that fulfills the partial requirement of the Business Communication course (C103). Being the students of Business Administration, it has been more of an opportunity for us to be able to work on this report. The knowledge and first-hand experience that we gained while going out there and collecting relevant data and the networks we made while interviewing different personnel, are undoubtedly going to prove to our advantage once we step into the corporate world. This report, and the investigation behind it, was prepared under your direct supervision. We pledge that under no circumstances will any part of it be reproduced for any reason or be shared with anyone else without your written consent. Furthermore, we pledge that this report has not been submitted to any other faculty member of the Institute of Business Administration We tried to accommodate your invaluable comments and suggestions in our report. In this connection, should you need any further clarification, please feel free to contact us (the contact details are included in the title page). We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to you for providing us with a thorough knowledge base of how to come up with an excellent report while enjoying doing so. We have been very enthusiastic about doing a good job on this report and hence are hoping that it would meet up to your expectations.

Md. Mashrur Rahman Khan(Zr-11)| Sayeed Shorif Russel(Zr-08)| Adib Iqbal (Zr-12)| Abdullah Al Muyid(Zr-18)|
Saif Hasan(Zr-21)| Shah Shihab Sadman (Zr-27)|
Fahmid Shawon(Zr-28)| Shamsuddin Muhammad Ishtiaque(Zr-30)| Al Imran Bin Khodadad(Zr-46)| Nafiz Alam Khan(Zr-47)|

Table of Contents
Executive summaryvii
1.1 Origin of the report8
1.2 Objective8
1.3 Scope9
1.4 Limitations9
1.5 Methodology9
1.6 Historical Background10
2.0 Music Instruments11
3.0 Industry Structure14
3.1 Background of the industry14
3.2 Sales Trend15
3.3 growth rate16
3.4 growth potential17
3.5 Industry composition17
3.6 product composition18
4.0 Analysis of Consumer Preferences18
4.1 Survey Procedure18
4.2 Survey Results18
5.0 Analyzing the Market24
5.1 Market trends24
5.2 Market share25
5.3 Market Growth26
5.4 Market Size29
5.5 Market leaders29
6.0 Available Products in the Market31
7.0 Value Chain Analysis35
7.1.1 Core process36
7.1.2 Supporting process37
7.2 Activity analysis37
8.0 Value Chain System of Music Instrument Industry39
9.0 Analysis from Investors Point of View40
9.1 Porter’s Five Forces Industry Analysis40
9.2 SWOT Analysis43
9.3 Suggestions for Investors43
10.0 Conclusion45
11.0 Bibliography46
12.0 Appendix47

List of Illustrations
Figure 1: Preference of Music Genre19
Figure 2: Preference of Music Instruments19
Figure 3: Purpose of Purchase20
Figure 4: Consumer Budget Analysis21
Figure 5: Brand Preferenceof Guitar22
Figure 6: Brand Preference of Drums22
Figure 7: Brand Preference of...
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