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Background of the Study

The Filipinos dedication and love to music started during pre-Hispanic period. Early Filipinos love to express themselves through ethnic musical instruments. These early settlers played diversity of musical instruments which includes flutes, nose flutes, gong and guitar to play appropriate songs in commemoration of courtship, marriage, and harvest. Even during the hardest time of Philippine revolution when we were invaded by several countries, Filipinos cling to music as outlet of entertainment and leisure to put off hassle, stress and frustrations. This is the reason why kundiman, sarswela, and the like exist in our music history. At present, you can stumble on different kinds of music in our modern music industry from contemporary, jazz, bossa nova to pop and alternative music which is an adaptation from different countries. The music industry endured and adapted many changes throughout time and is facing massive challenges like substantial drop of sales of recorded music, quick change of market, advent of technology and piracy. Because of these complications, music industry is tasked to provide a range of music that can satisfy diverse scope of tastes of the consumers, face the challenge of meeting a changed market and respond to such changes which is going to be crucial in their success and continued development of the music industry as a whole. Today, music progresses unpredictably. This is the main reason why the researchers takes you to the mystery of how music industry in the Philippines works from the time of developing singers to composing songs, towards the process marketing and overcoming the risk and challenges involved in this business. The researchers also hope that they can give encouragement to those who plan to engage in to music industry in the future.

Research Objective
The study entitled “Philippine Music Industry: Its Operations and Challenges” has the following objectives: * To determine the structure of the music industry;
* To known how technology affects the music industry - the good and bad effects; * To known the preventive measures the music industry is using in order to limit the bad effects of technology; * To know if the availability of new technology has been an evidence of growth or an existence of burden in the sales of CD’s; * To find out piracy operations that might be responsible for the quantity of fake CD’s and digital copying in the market; * To come up with a recommendation that would help limit the risks involved in the music industry; and * To arise with a proposal that would help solve the challenges that the music industry is currently facing.

Statement of the Problem
The study entitled “Philippine Music Industry: Its Operations and Challenges” aims to answer the following questions:

1.What is the relationship or interface between the talent, the manager, the recording company and other people behind the industry in terms of: 1.1Sharing of Profit;
1.2Effective sales and marketing plan; and
1.3Promotional strategies?
2.How the music industry generates sales on album and live performances in consideration to: 2.1 Price range of an album;
2.2 How much is a song worth; and
2.3 Earnings and commissions on live performances?

3. What are the effects of technology in the acquisition and distribution of music through: 3.1 Official downloads; and
3.2 Anti-copying technology?
4. How the music industry tries to overcome the issues that piracy is the major cause of theproblems that the industry faces with regards to:
4.1 Effects of music piracy; and
4.2 Restrictive practices?

Significance of the Study
The research study may be able to draw understanding about the operations of the music industry and the role of every person involved in the business and also, to know how they create and sell the music to the consumers. Moreover, the researchers aim to help them know how to...
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