Music, Health and the Law - Working with Electricity and Protecting your Hearing

Topics: Ear, Auditory system, Sound Pages: 3 (1858 words) Published: October 31, 2014

In this assignment I will be discussing and explaining the potential risks and first aid responses when working with electrical equipment and also exploring the physiology of the human ear. I will also cover and discuss legislation’s relating to noise levels/exposure and using electrical equipment in public. WORKING WITH ELECTRICITY AND ITS RISKS

Electricity is essentially a source of energy that we all use on a daily basis to power mainly technological devices. As a musician we are constantly working with electrical equipment and therefore are at a risk more frequently of receiving an electrical shock. The main characteristics of electricity are that it is always travelling and with the aim to reach earth as quickly as possible. Sometimes, unfortunately, the quickest route to earth is via a human body and this could potentially be fatal. The severity of the shock depends on the size of the current that passes through the body and the size of the voltage and resistance. The actual shock occurs when part of the body comes into contact with electricity and it uses the body as part of its circuit. This happens because the human body is a very good conductor of electricity meaning an electric current can easily be passed through it. The common causes of electric shocks are because of faulty equipment and faulty wiring or sockets. There are many other ways in which a shock can happen i.e. mains cables in hazardous places, exposed wires through being cut or damaged, tampering etc. Measuring the severity of an electric shock can be quite difficult as you could get shocked and only feel a slight tingling sensation, but it could also be fatal. The amount of current involved and the length of contact all come into play when determining the severity. For example, if the current was only 1mA (1 miliampre) and the length of contact was for only one second then the effect on the body would be...
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