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Topics: Music genre, Music, Psychology Pages: 3 (942 words) Published: November 4, 2010
Music: The Beat to our Mind, Body and Soul
Music is a powerful tool that has been scientifically proven to be useful and harmful in many different ways. The interconnection between music and the physical and mental health of human beings has been researched for centuries. Many people use music as a tool for brainstorming and motivation. Some look at music as a hobby; for some music is their passion, while others pursue music as their career. It is essential to choose your music wisely because diverse types can have a large range of effects on your brain and mood. Classical music has been proven very constructive when used for work situations. It is known for decreasing tension, even in people who may not listen to it regularly. Studies have also shown that classical music increases linguistic abilities and verbal fluency. It engages the areas of the brain involved with concentration. If work is accompanied by quiet and soothing music, it helps the listener think, analyze and work faster in a more efficient manner. Music develops a positive attitude in the listeners and provides them with motivation. Surveys have shown that music brings about remarkable improvements in the academic skills of students, who are made to listen to certain kinds of music while studying or working in the lab. Listening to pleasant music, while doing a difficult task, can make it seem easier. (Patel, 2007) Music has a positive effect on the interpersonal skills of an individual. Failures that we face in life are often the result of lack of confidence and lack of desire to learn. Students obtaining poor school grades do not necessarily lack intelligence. Their poor academic results are often an outcome of their lack of motivation and their disinterest. Music proves helpful in encouraging young children to venture new fields. It helps them develop the confidence needed to achieve success in life. Further studies have shown that hearing almost any type of music can be beneficial if it...
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