Music Concerto in the Classical Era

Topics: Concerto, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Symphony Pages: 4 (1356 words) Published: March 18, 2011
?Give an account of the contribution of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to the understanding of the Classical concerto, making specific reference to a variety of his musical compositions in this genre.

Concerto by definition is usually a musical work in which one solo instrument is accompanied by the orchestra, or as stated in The Grove Online Dictionary “An instrumental work that maintains contrast between an orchestral ensemble and a smaller group or a solo instrument or among various groups of an undivided orchestra”. There are three kinds of orchestral concertos written in the 1700s orchestral concerto, concert concerto and solo concerto. The concerto Solo is dated back to the Baroque Era along with the concerto Grossowhich in contrast consisted of a small group of instruments with the rest of the orchestra.

The word concerto comes from Italian decent “concerate” which can mean “to contend, dispute” but also it has contrary meaning of “to agree” but the meaning has not been constant. There are many famous composers of concerti including Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Schumann, Liszt, Brahms and Tchaikovsky. There have also been many concertos scored for a wide variety of Instruments, violin, cello, clarinet, harpsichord, trumpet, trombone, oboe and many more. The most important instrument in the history of the 18th and 19th-century concerto was the piano. More concertos were published for the piano than for any other instrument. The concerto originated from the concerto grosso of the Baroque Era. The concerto grosso is where a small group of players combined, contrasted or alternated with the larger orchestral group these were in several movements. The most celebrated early concerti grossi are those by Corelli and those by Handel and. J. S. Bach's Brandenburg Concertos Nos. 2, 4, 5, and 6 are traditional concerti grossi. Although the concerto was involved in many eras I would like to concentrate on the concerto, in the classical...
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