Music Concert Report

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Concert Report Guidelines Listening to live performances is an essential part of learning to appreciate and understand music. Treat this report as though you were a music critic writing for your local newspaper. In other words, what did you like/not like and why? Here are some general guidelines to help you listen, think, and write about a concert. Basic Information to Include When and where did the concert take place? How many pieces were performed? What were they called and how many movements were in each? Who composed each piece? Who were the performers (name of the ensemble and/or names of the soloists)? If there was a conductor, what was his or her name? What types of instruments were played and/or what types of voice parts were featured? Was there any special purpose to the concert? If so, explain. General Questions to Keep in Mind What was your general reaction to the concert? How did the performance sound to you? Was the music performed well? Were the musicians rhythmically “together”? Were they playing/singing in tune? Did any instruments or voices stick out? How would you rate the musicians’ technical ability and the energy of their performance? Did they seem well prepared for the concert? Which composition did you like best? Why? (e.g., what specifically did you like about the piece itself or the way it was performed?) Which composition did you like least? Why? Did any of the compositions trigger an emotional response from you? What were your specific feelings or thoughts in response to the music?

Specific Points to Consider You may want to focus your discussion and analysis of the concert on one or more of the following points. Describe what you heard and observed using the following musical terms, elements, and concepts discussed in class when applicable. Genre (symphony, concerto, string quartet, etc.) Stylistic period (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, etc.) Mood (emotion conveyed by the music and performers) Pitch To what extent does pitch vary...
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