Music Comparison- Jazz vs Dubstep

Topics: 21st century, 1920s, Music genre Pages: 2 (772 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Music. Music is everywhere. You wake up in the morning to your alarm clock blasting music into your ear. Then you take a shower and sing your favorite tune. Even when you enter your car, you turn on your radio and rock out to your favorite music station. Music is not just an art, it is an expression of lifestyle. People can usually distinguish what type of person you are just by listening to your taste of music. Without music, life would be a mistake, some people say. It would be hard to imagine a world without these harmonical tones. We love music because we fell like music understands us. Music can create a mood, or describe a mood. New music is always being invented as well. When times change and lifestyles are altered, music changes as well. During the 1920’s people began to live life. They partied all day, and kept the party alive at night. They wanted life to be upbeat and exciting. This lead way to the birth of Jass (Jazz). Jazz set the mood for the 1920’s, upbeat and fun. This is fairly similar to the creation of dubstep in the 2000’s. People see the 21st century as the computer age, and dubstep complements this new age perfectly. The mood it sets expresses a fast paced, rhythmic feeling.

To begin with, you must realize that dubstep and jazz are really both the same but yet different. Let me explain, jazz takes all the rules and guidelines which apply to all the other genres...then it breaks them. Jazz plays it chords and notes to its own rhythm. It combines the swinging notes of each instrument; trumpet, drums, etc., and creates an upbeat song. Dubstep does the same thing. It takes the standard hip-hop song that Young Beezy down in the hood listens to, puts it on a computer, and cuts it up to make a different song. Both genres have no real feel to them. They could be upbeat and moody, or it could be melodic and euphoric. These two types of music are different because they break all the rules. They evolved into something...
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