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  • Published : April 20, 2009
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I have never thought that music alone without lyrics can have certain meaning and create some kind of emotion. As both of my parents don’t have a special like on music, I am growing up without familiarity with all different types of music. I just used to listen to songs which have pretty melody and lyrics. To be honest, I have never paid much attention to rhythm, beat and rests because I feel like lyrics and melody are the only things that make me to like certain song. Before I take this class and listen necessarily orchestrical music pieces which are not familiar to me for my assignment, I always assume that the meaning of music lies on the lyrics of the song.

For this paper, I listen ten musical pieces and all of them are somewhat emotionally touching to me. However, I don’t know how to express my feeling and meaning of some music in words though I know that they give me certain feeling. Thus, I choose four musical pieces which I find them to be the most touching musical pieces for me. From ten musical selections, I choose “Ave Maria” by Bach '' Gounod, “Funeral March” by Chopin, “Military March No.1” by Elgar and “Blackbird” by Lennon/McCartney. The reason I pick these four pieces is that I think I can write the meanings and emotions of these pieces from the perspective of my feeling.

Firstly, I decide to choose “Ave Maria” by Bach-Gounod because I like it at first time of hearing. I didn’t know that this music is supposed to open in weeding ceremony in Catholic Church and its relation with Virgin Mary who is model mother and wife for brides who are soon to be wife and mother. I even feel dumb myself for not even knowing the usual playing ceremony of this song. This is a typical song to be played in weeding ceremony in most countries but I don’t even notice and heard before because my country has few weeding celebrating in church and we have certain different songs to play in weeding. When I first hear the Ave Maria music, I feel that the intro...
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