Music at Church Essay for Choir

Topics: Hymn, New York City, Piano Pages: 1 (395 words) Published: November 3, 2010
Robert Harrison
October 24th, 2010

This past Sunday I went to Snyder Moral Baptist church to hear the music of Joel Raney. Joel is a very emotional performer I could tell he is very in touch with God. While I was there I learned that he began his career in Alabama by cutting his teeth on hymns and gospel music. He attended Juilliard School in NYC where he also worked in musical theater for a time. Listening to Joel’s music made me feel closer to God, he made me think about the finer things in life through his music. Like having a close relationship with God and letting God know I am what he has made me to be. He made me think about my faith a lot more about how being a Christian isn’t all about showing up at church. Being a Christian is about taking all the gifts and talents God gives us and using them in his name just like Joel is doing when he plays the piano for others he is spreading the word of God through song and I admire him for that. My favorite piece that he played was Great is thy Faithfulness, it was my favorite piece because I love that hymnal as a child I loved that song. Getting to see Joel play it on the piano was an honor. Although I didn’t get the chance to meet Joel I could tell he is a man of God. I liked the way that he put all his power and all his energy into playing his music it really shows he cares about what he does. I think that Joel is very talented, because he didn’t even have to look at his music. It seemed like he was just feeling the rhythm of the songs and carrying out each note God was telling him to through the keys of the piano. As I was sitting there watching Joel I noticed many things about the way he appeared, he looked proud and sure of himself. He had a little beard and it was white. Joel didn’t speak much he must have been a little shy. I wish that I had talent like Joel does if I could play the piano I would do exactly like Joel does and dedicated my playing to God.
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