Music as a Healer

Topics: Music, Mantra, Chakra Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: November 4, 2010
We all love music
This is a truth very few people can deny and music has the distinction of being globally appreciated . music is a language which is truly international , we can enjoy the beats of the drums which can be of any origin , we love the melody of the music and the rhythmic sounds of the piano You do not need to be educated to enjoy music

Music can be used to bring about healingin different diseases .Music begins from the sound , sound is a wave , the wave is a vibration whichis easy to even feel like the thumping of the drums . Beautiful music makes us feel good and the disharmonies music makes us feel agitated , no wonder listening to a singer who is out of tune is the most irritating ! Sam Ved has described in detail the basics of music and the Upanishads have detailed the “ Om “ mantra and its usage Om mantra is a very powerful sound and is a primordial sound on which many researchers are working to understand it better and its profound effects. When we listen to a particular sound it affects us due to the frequency of its vibration, it is almost bathing in music as the music envelops our bodies and enters through the ear and affects our emotions internally Music can affect emotions is well known and therefore music is being used for treatment of stress , anxiety , depression , and nervousness . Many clinics use music therapy for treating autistic children and children with attention deficit disorder Treatment can be active and passive . active treatment entails singing ,playing instruments and passive treatment involves listening to music Mantras are also known to affect the seven chakras of the body .different chakras correspond or get influenced by different colors and different sounds . As we chant or meditate on a particular mantra , the repetitive sound tunes in to the particular frequency of the chakra leading to the correction of the chakra energy , which ultimate cleanses the energy channels and heals the person In our...
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