Music and Studying: Does Listening to Music Help You Study?

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  • Published : January 2, 2012
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Music and studying 1


Music and studying: Does listening to music help you study?

902421 John F. Kennedy High School

Music and studying 2

Abstract In the western world, music is easily available through TV, radio, and videos. Background music is played in many public places like the mall and elevators. Many studies on listening to music while studying has been inconclusive because music can be interpreted in many different ways.

Music and studying 3

Music and Studying Affects on studying Music becomes increasingly important in adolescent years with most teenagers averaging around 3 hours of listening to music a day. Teenagers use music to satisfy their emotional needs and portray the world around them. Studies have shown that studying at home has been accompanied by music or TV in the background (Kotsopoulou 1997; Patton, Stinard, and Routh 1983). Research on certain effects on playing music while studying shows very little significant differences between middle school, high school, and college students on whether listening to music helps them concentrate, gets rid of boredom, keeps them company, and helps them learn faster. It also shows that listening to music can interfere with studying. For instance if they sang along or developed to high of an arousal it would then become a distraction. University students showed that music had a more relaxing effect but was also more distracting then in younger students. This could mean the music choices they were listening to were increasing meta-cognitive awareness in older ages. Students at a younger age had the most positive response to fast pace tempo. While university students had a negative response to fast pace tempo. There were few significant differences between nationality and what types of music they played other than instrumental music, arousing and calming music. The Japanese played classical music the least. US played calming music the least and...
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