Music and Social Problems

Topics: Murder, Kanye West, Death Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: June 14, 2012
Murder to Excellence, a song performed by Kanye West and Jay Z describes the life of the rappers. It reveals the struggles that not only they face, but their community as well. The song, as well as being a reflection on the rappers is also about the sufferings that have plagued the African American community, particularly in the city of Chicago (Metrolyrics, n.d). It rasies and highlights the issues that the community faces. The song speaks of specific issues like death, education, life expectancy, violence, crime within that particular community as well lack of rise in social class (metrolyrics, n.d.). The song is from the singer’s point of view. When talking about death, the songs first reference is “Too much enemy fire to catch a friendly, strays from the same shade nigga, we on the same team” (metrolyrics, n.d.). This exposes the fact that there is “black on black crime”(metrolyrics, n.d) even though it can be assumed they are after things like racial equality and better standard of living. It also refers to Chicago as the “murder capital” (metrolyrics, n.d.) and reinforces this by stating “41 souls murdered in fifty hours” (metrolyrics, n.d.) The Hook of the song being “Paper reads murder, black-on-black murder” (metrolyics, n.d) also emphasizes this issue. While death and violence is talked about throughout the song, it ties in with fact of short life expectancy of the people in that community as well as a struggle to survive (metrolyrics, n.d). The short life expectancy is shown as “and they say by 21 I was supposed to die” (metrolyrics, n.d) and the struggle to survive was referred to as “crabs in a barrel… your gonna end up pulling niggas that look just like you” (metrolyrics, n.d). When comparing the points made in The Promise by C.W. Mills to the song lyrics, it is clear that there are individual troubles (C.W. Mills, pg14) shown by the singers and public issues (C.W. Mills, pg14) that have been emphasised by the singers. An example of the personal...
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