Music and Movement

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Personal Growth and Philosophy

Music and Movement has a positive impact on a young child’s development. There are a lot of benefits when it comes to music and movement. When children participate in music and movement, many areas of the brain are activated. Through music and movement young children gain more coordination, listening and communications skills. Creative movement can boost a child’s self- esteem as they become aware of their body and explore movement. They begin to recognize and appreciate themselves and others. Movement activities can help young children develop movement patterns and healthy, active lifestyles. Creative movement activities provide young children with opportunities for noncompetitive and creative experiences. Teachers need to be a role model and be enthusiastic about music and movement. It is also important for teachers to provide an environment rich with music and movement. Children should have the opportunity to explore musical equipment, and to engage in plenty of diverse, stimulating musical activities. Teachers should also support and give praise to the efforts and abilities to young children. Every child's ability for music and movement should be maximized.

Having noncompetitive, success-oriented and creative experiences is very important. Children should also have the opportunity of self-expression and a chance to build confidence within themselves. I also think children should have the opportunity to spontaneously explore music and movement activities freely through out the day.

I hope to bring happiness to the children through the different music and movement activities I will provide. I hope to provide a safe and fun environment with lots of free exploration within music and movement. I will empower young children through support and encouragement. One aspect of early childhood music and movement I would advocate for is the positive impact it has on young children and how important it is for their future. Overall...
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