Music and Entertainment

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  • Published : November 16, 2010
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When we think of music, we do not think of just the sound of it; we think of the emotional bond that the words and sound give to us. Although, the sound must be somewhat enchanting to our ears but it’s the words that tie us to the song. Yes, music is a form of entertainment but it can always be a form of self therapy. Music allows us to show expressions of personality. It can help to overcome heartache, show love, appreciation, devotion, and struggles. Commonly, people consider who they may want to be friends with by the type of music that they like, having common interests in music resembles that you may be able to relate to each other and have common interest and opinions. Music, in my eyes, has always been a form of expression, an art, a bearing of ones soul through the gift of singing. Music has touched parts of peoples hearts in ways that cannot be matched. In every song there is a interpretation of how that song makes you feel a certain way or reminds you of a certain time. Music creates a bond between people, I am sure that there must be one song that we have listened to and liked for different reasons at the same point in time. Music is meant to be for memories. Entertainment is seeing a comedy show or a circus act. The liberation that music has given people can not be said to be entertainment, even though we use it as though it is. Many of us gather to see artists perform their music. Is this what categorizes it as “entertainment”? For me, seeing an artist perform is a way for me to see if they actually have talent or if it is mostly a computer that makes them sound good. I place my judgments of an artist this way and can decided for me if they are what they claim to be and if they are worth my money. Would you purchase a painting before seeing it personally? Does this make painting a form of entertainment also? Art is art and entertainment is entertainment. Although I have summarized this on just music I feel this way about books and...