Music and Emotion Pysch 101

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Music and Emotion 2
Music and Emotion
Music has been a part of human life since the beginning of time and can be defined as many different things; instruments being played, pots banging together, or even birds chirping in the wild. Today, music is usually thought of as either entertainment or a form of expression. For all the reasons above, it would be logical to say that music must play a large part on the human brain and emotion’s because of its ability to last thru time. Music in some form or another must be connected to human emotions because of its variation of effects on different people.

There are many different theories of music and emotion. Most are based on the idea that music affects certain people in certain ways. That not all people will get the same reaction from the same music they hear. There is no way in my mind that all people feel the same way when we hear music. A good indicator of this is the idea of someone’s favorite song; not all people like the same song, therefore not providing the same emotion.

Musical emotions change over time in intensity and quality, and these emotional changes converge with changes psycho-physiological measures (Krumhansl, 2002). The research summarized here is part of an ongoing program investigating how this dynamic aspect of musical emotion relates to the cognition of musical structure (Krumhansl 2002). This theory of music goest not affecting all people in the same manor states that regardless of an individual’s reaction to music, there is no physical change therefore it does not affect ones emotions. This article supports the idea of musical emotions being similar but different than other emotions such as happiness or fear. The difference between the two things is musical emotions is more based off personal schema’s and experiences; while other emotions derive from more primitive skills that have been with humans throughout time (Krumhansl 2002). Music and Emotion 3

A second article asserts that...
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