Music and Emotion

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Jack Peluso-Hoffman
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Music Day

Music affects people in various ways. Ones reaction to music differs from person to person. It can evoke emotions of both joy and happiness. Music can stir up old memories of different times, places, and people. In the U.S. a major part of life is music, as stated by Natalie Guice Adams and Pamela J. Bettis, “ American institution that can tell us something about ourselves, like jazz, baseball, and cheerleading, are also not static but being created anew with each generation.” (Remix 240.) One can see how large of a role music plays in people’s lives, and that’s why I’m proposing a holiday based on celebrating and enjoying music all over the world. One thing that just about every culture has in common is music. Music is embraced in cultures everywhere, and that’s why a day devoted to music would be the perfect holiday. All over the world people would take the day off to celebrate, listen to, play, and all around enjoy all types of music. Music Day would be a great holiday for new traditions, and family bonding. One major part of music day would be that a large portion of merchandise and food proceeds would go to charity and the main aspect of Music Day would be a series of free concerts throughout the day all over the world.

One of the best things about Music Day is the great possibilities it creates for new traditions. Each family would eventually begin their own new traditions on Music Day and there would be even more to look forward to. For example, it may be a good idea for a family to travel every year and pick a different show to go see together. Another family may decide to just stick around the local park every year, hear whatever bands are playing, and have a picnic. Perhaps some more musically inclined families would gather together and play their favorite tunes from dusk until dawn. Whatever the new traditions are they are guaranteed to be a whole lot of fun and something for families to...
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