Music and Drugs

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  • Published : March 16, 2013
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William Simmons Stevenson
Dr. Camille Passalaqua
English 1110
Lives Lost Because of Drugs
Drugs are everywhere in today’s societies, especially in hip hop and rap. Drug abuse is one of the most leading causes of death of music artists who get addicted early in their music careers. Ray Charles was once a big music artist until he got addicted to heroin, which affected his music and social life. Drugs should be prevented from music artists so that they can produce music that would not affect the minds of younger children. The process of drug prevention in music industries are increasing. Artists such Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston music career changed so much after going to drug rehabilitations. Their friends and families started to fade away, which could cause depression. The causes of drugs addiction lead to the death of Whitney Houston, Ray Charles, and Jimi Hendrix. Younger societies should look toward this history as something they would not be a part of through their lives.

Teenagers are being hugely affected by the music they hear because music artists used drugs to produce such as using language that persist of lyrics talking about doing drugs. Music that contains this kind language used in music should be banned to teenagers because this music could affect them to where they might want to try to do drugs. Hip hop and rap have the biggest influence on teenagers in today’s societies but I think we should have parental lock on teenagers should listen as far as music. Drug addictions in teenagers are growing stronger and should be stopped because they would be destroying future generations when they are needed to take control of the world.

Drug affects the body in so many different ways including the physical and mental motions. For an example, Ray Charles was addicted to heroin to where he could sit still and scratch himself repeatedly for the notion of needing the drug in his body. Once your body gets attach to the drug, your brain can...
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