Music and Concert

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Music 105
March 7, 2012
Music Final Paper #2
DuPage Community Concert Band
Concert Report
On March 4, 2012, the DuPage Community Concert Band performed American Titled Songs at the College of DuPage. They performed a total of seven songs. I really enjoyed this concert. It featured many instruments like the trumpet, tuba and trombone. It was different from the concert I attended for my first concert report because it did not feature any stringed instruments. Something I found very different and unusual was the lack of audience involvement in the performance. It was odd for me to have to hold back my applause until the end of the performances. This concert featured many upbeat and patriotic songs. I enjoyed it because of this reason.

All the pieces featured at this concert were major. I was able to figure this out using the knowledge I gained from class because all the pieces were very upbeat and had a happy feeling to them. My favorite piece was Fantasy of American Sailing Songs, this piece was very uplifting and the band performed it to perfection. I was amazed at the way they all played together and it sounded as though they had been performing together for a very long time. What amazes me most about these concerts is how the musicians perfect every little part of the song and that every single person playing an instrument is vital to the piece as a whole. Until these instrumentalists can play as one and unless they are on the same page their performance will not be as fascinating. Another aspect that I really enjoyed was the composers hand movements and I tried to pick up where he was using the hand movements we practiced in class. It was amazing to me the amount of energy and passion the composer puts into his work and it really seems as though he has immersed himself into the music.

All of the pieces that were performed at this concert were in polyphonic style to what my understanding is. They were a combination of different types of instruments...
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