Music an Education

Topics: Psychology, Mind, Cognitive science Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Different Types of Music Affects Education Life in Several Ways

The importance of music in human life is well known both in ancient time and modern time. Music can affects people in different aspects. Incorporating music into teaching and learning environment has also countless benefits.

First of all music can help us to have a more effective learning process. For example classical music with 60-80 beats per minute relaxes the body and mind and helps us to focus and concentrate. Also, reading texts while classical music is played as background, increases learning speed and it is called accelerated learning. One of these methods is sagostopedia, a learning method which is designed by Bulgarian psychologist Georgy Lozanov. It is proven that with his method students learn a foreign language 4-5 times faster. In addition, a suitable learning atmosphere would support learning process which could be created with suitable music.

Secondly, music we like makes us happy, gives energy, reduces stress and in return makes us a successful student in our education life. We know that while stress inhibits learning, relaxed student can learn more effective. A stimulating music, like Heavy Metal for example, can help us to release depressed anger in us, if not released, anger can cumulate and can become aggression. The same music can charge us with energy and motivate us, which in turn would increase success at school. Music we like also cleanses the everyday fatigue from our mind and enables us to restart studying with a sharp mind. One good way to rebalance after a stressed day is meditation and during meditation, a suitable music can help us to look towards within so that we can get rid of conscious thoughts. When our day goes to end what we need is a nice sleep. Mozart’s music would help us better than a sleeping pill in order to send us to the land of Nod.

Lastly, music teaches us order and self-discipline. Music encourages order and self-discipline and these...
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