Music Affects Us a Lot in Many Ways.

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  • Published : May 18, 2011
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Do you agree that music affects us a lot in many ways? In modern times, music plays an important role in our lives. We usually listen to different types of it at different times. I think that people can’t live without music due to several reasons.

First, music can make us relaxed. Nowadays, we are often busy for our jobs or studies. After a tiring day, we can get more rests by listening to music. For example, I usually listen to some pop music after I come home. I always enjoy in the wonderful lyrics. In this way, I can not only feel relaxed but also cheerful after I do so.

Second, we can get our bad mood away by the music. Every time when I am upset or angry, all I want to do is listen to some light music. It’s really useful for me to become happier because the melodies are comfortable so that I can forget the bad things soon.

Besides, we can become more creative from music. There are many types of it in the world, and each song can inspire our thinking according to a different particular. When my sister needs to write something about her doctoral thesis, she always gets many new ideas after listening to the classical and country music.

Another reason is that music is a great way to help us socialize with other people. We can not only get more new and common topics but also share with other people who have the similar interests from music. I still remember when I was a senior high school student, my classmate and I talked more about the music. We couldn’t stop talking about it until we arrive home respectively.

In short, there is no doubt that music is really important to people because there are many advantages in it. Music affects us a lot in many ways and that’s why I think that we can’t live without it.
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