Music Affects People

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Music Affects People

Music has substantially evolved through the course of history and has branched into various genres. Indicating the fact that society has also changed greatly. Many people in the world have listened to music in their lifetime, and most of them have a habit of doing so. The music people listen to the most, affects their character, as it affects their mind. There is no contradiction regarding that music affects our emotions. It can make us sad or ecstatic. Different genres induce different feelings. ‘Country music’ is known as the saddest genre, with its slow and simple music. People who do not like it become easily bored and the ones, who do, usually are mellow natured. People who like ‘Metal’ and ‘Punk/Gothic Rock’ are usually rebellious and energetic. On the other hand the people who like ‘Hip-Hop’ and ‘Pop’ are more outgoing and frivolous. Just like these, other genres like ‘Jazz’, ‘Opera’, ‘Indie’ etc. affect our emotions differently. This is usually because the way music tones are constructed and combined together and as well as the way the song is sung, which stimulates the brain. In other cases a song can bring back an old memory with it, which is attached with some emotion or feeling we had at that time. As stated in the above paragraph that music affects the brain, studies have shown that a person’s intelligence can also be affected by symphonies, especially of Mozart’s. Experiments conducted with students revealed that those students who were made to listen Mozart’s symphonies scored much better results in tests than those who did not. Other people also performed better in tasks when they listened to these. This is a new and under researched subject, but it is of great significance to scientists, who continue study it. Another way a person’s character is influenced is how he/she dresses up and acts. Nowadays inspired by their favorite music artists, people, mostly teenagers try to be like their favorite music artists. They...
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