Topics: Motivation, Pilcrow, Cool jazz Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: February 23, 2013
When I was younger listening to music always made me feel weird. It was just something about it that made me feel uneasy. As I got older I started to understand that music was suppose to make me feel that way. I can say that music has played many different roles in my life. The three major roles that music have played in my life are focus, motivation, and understanding.

I found music to be a good tool to help me focus. Cool jazz is a type of music that I listen to that clears my head. It lets me focus on one thing and forget about the stuff that dosen’t matter. Sometimes I listen to this type of music while I study. When I do, I find myself lost in what ever it is that I’m doing. It’s kind of cool that cool jazz can make me feel this way.

I have also found music to be very motivating. Before my football games in high school we use to listen rap music in the lockeroom while we got dressed. There was something in those lyrics that made me want to go out and crush my opponent. No matter wether I was feeling happy, sad, tired, or lazy. It was something about that music and the atmosphere that motivated me to go out on the field and give every thing I got.

The last thing that music does is give me a sense of understanding. There are certain things that life throw at you that make you want to breakdown. Someone could be rejected by the love of their life and feel like they can’t move on. The one time that it happened to me I was devastated. I couldn’t eat or sleep and it seemed like every little thing reminded me of her. Believe it or not it was a song that helped me.

Strengths: The essay is effectively focused and organized. The writer states his main idea (thesis) at the end of the introductory paragraph, and this statement also predicts the organization of the body: “The three major roles that music [has] played in my life are focus, motivation, and understanding.” The writer...
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