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The Middle Ages and The Renaissance
When it comes to music, you discover that there are different periods such as The Middle Ages (450-1450) and The Renaissance (1450-1600). The Middle Ages was a time of migrations, upheavals, and wars. The Middle Ages is the period of European history encompassing to the 5th to the 15th centuries, normally marked from the collapse of the Western Roman Empire until the beginning of The Renaissance and Age of Discovery. The Renaissance was a period of exploration and adventure and also an age of curiosity and individualism. During the Renaissance, the dominant intellectual movement was called humanism. In the Middle Ages the world was a thorough religious orientation whereas, in the Renaissance the world began to change to a more secular world.

In The Middle Ages, by the 1100s, Europe was experiencing dynamic changes. No longer were people preoccupied with just the daily struggle to survive. Improvements in agriculture were creating a steadier food supply. The revival of trade and town life were signs of increased prosperity. Within those towns, a growing middle class was growing in wealth. In time, towns contributed a vital spark that touched off the cultural flowering of the high Middle Ages. There were different types of music in the Middle ages such as the Gregorian chant which is monophonic, music composed with only one melodic line without accompaniment. Church modes, which was based on one of eight scales or modes. Secular music developed in the Medieval Period and was used in the Renaissance Swaying authority from the Church that focused more on Common Law influenced all aspects of Medieval life, including music. Secular music in the Middle Ages included love songs, political satire, dances, and dramatic works. During the Middle Ages, religious teachings were imparted and beliefs were strengthened, by biblical scenes depicted in stained-glass windows which is also visual art. The most documented form of dance during...
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