Music 100

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Thereasa Wilson
Music 100
November 15, 2012

Chapter 9 Review Questions
1. Form in music is different from the form in visual arts because in music it contains a beginning, ending, and the musical events that occur in between. 2. You can describe a composition form on many levels.

3. Binary form have repeated A and B sections usually of the same length. AABB form. Classical music and nursery rhymes are examples of music in binary form. 4. Some of the contexts that call and response is used are socialized interaction, stylized conversation, and imitation. 5. Sonata form is one of the most important forms of the Classical and Romantic periods and remains in use today. It has 3 sections: exposition, development, and recapitulation. There is a progression of events that happen and each section plays a different function in developing the piece. (Hast, pg. 302-303, 2010) 6. The basic blues structure is a twelve bar strophic and made up of stanzas (or verses). The bar is a steady grouping of beats; each of this form is a group of four beats. These bars are further grouped into 3 phrases of 4 bars each. (Hast, pg. 304, 2010) 7. The typical sections of a contemporary North Indian classical instrumental performance are: 1) a three part alap (improvisation), 2) a two-part slow or medium tempo gat (composition), 3) improvisations based on the gat, 4) a fast gat, and 5) improvisations based on the fast gat. (Hast, pg. 312, 2010) 8. The performance or free jazz is different than playing the blues because they do not use the same form.
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