Music's Effect on Society

Topics: Tipper Gore, Dee Snider, Parents Music Resource Center Pages: 3 (1286 words) Published: April 13, 2011
Music’s Effect on Society
Throughout the years, different musicians from all genres of music have influenced society in one way or another. The lyrics in some music have affected adults to fight against what they believe is profane music and they attempted to get rid of it all together. Music has been notably banned since the 1950’s when some songs were “too suggestive” for public jukebox’s. Criticism of profane music has continued throughout the decades, but the limits have been pushed. Has any good come of banning music and censoring it, or has it all been a waste of time? For decades, there have been musicians who push the limits. Their albums contain album artwork displaying a man carrying a bloodied woman, a close up of a man’s crotch, and lyrics that are downright disgusting. Are any of those thing really terrible or threatening to where they need to be banned and discriminated against? Most likely one of the most notable cases of society against music came in 1985, when the PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center) fought to have a rating system for music. The ladies of PMRC were taken to Senate of Commerce Technology and Transportation Committee to state their case. The PMRC leader was Tipper Gore, Al Gore’s wife. Dee Snider was also there to defend music against the accusations of music glorifying rape and violence. Snider is the lead singer for the glam metal band “Twisted Sister”, and provided a great case defending music. During the case, there was a great amount of pressure from the media. In the end, it was ruled that the albums come with a warning label if the lyrics contain profane content. It seemed that rock had lost, but it actually helped rock a lot. Kids in the 80s wanted profane music, and the stickers helped the music sell. When Nikki Sixx of “Motley Crue” heard of the new rule, he said “Put them on!” he knew the stickers would help the albums sell. Most of the albums that needed the sticker during that time were not terrible,...
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