Musharraf Convinced Chenab Formula Is the Only Acceptable Solution of Kashmir

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News - Musharraf Convinced Chenab Formula is the Only Acceptable Sol...

Musharraf Convinced Chenab Formula is the Only Acceptable Solution of Kashmir - By Shaheen Sehbai South Asia Tribune, March 10 2005

WASHINGTON, March 10: Pakistan Army Chief General Pervez Musharraf is fully convinced that the so called “Chenab Formula” is the only acceptable solution to the Kashmir dispute, a new book published by a leading Indian think-tank has revealed. Titled “The Final Settlement” and published by the Strategic Foresight Group of the Mumbai-based International Center for Peace Initiatives (ICPI), the book has produced what appears to be insider information on how General Musharraf used his position to force a solution which the book concedes would have been detrimental to Pakistan, as a major source of water, the Chenab, would have gone to India. Not written under any single author’s name, “The Final Settlement” covers the Indo-Pakistan relations under the thematic titles of Fire, Water and Earth. It claims it “draws from the unique insight gathered over a decade of Track-II diplomacy, input provided by Pakistani scholars on the condition of anonymity and close monitoring of India-Pakistan relations on a daily basis.” “It exposes many dimensions of the bilateral relations hitherto unspoken. It unravels layers of sub-continental mind sets to reveal the core,” its introduction on the back cover says. But details of what happened in the last few months of Nawaz Sharif Government and the role played by General Musharraf are newsy and revealing. It claims Pervez Musharraf, in 1990 a bright and ambitious Pakistani Brigadier at the Royal College of Defence Studies in London, first linked the Indo-Pakistan conflict to the rivers of Jammu and Kashmir in a paper he wrote for his one year course. “The Brigadier was suggesting that the rivers hold the key to the future conflict.” The book discloses that Nawaz Sharif sent a secret envoy to New Delhi in 1999 to propose to the Vajpayee Government a solution on the basis of river waters. “Soon after General Pervez Musharraf’s elevation, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif opened a track-two channel with the Government of India. The main thrust of the Pakistani proposal, mooted in early 1999, was that rivers should be used as the basis for resolving conflicts between India and Pakistan, including the issue of Jammu & Kashmir. It advocated using Chenab River as the border. The special envoy of Pakistani Prime Minister, made this proposal to his Indian interlocutor on March 29, 1999 in New Delhi. “His visit to New Delhi was a secret known only to the Prime Minister of Pakistan. By a curious coincidence, on the same day when the envoy was in New Delhi, General Musharraf summoned Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for a discussion at General Head Quarters. The General concluded that the only solution acceptable to Pakistan, to settle its conflicts with India, was the Chenab Formula. The envoy returned to Islamabad on April 1, 1999, oblivious of the meeting that had taken place between the army chief and the Prime Minister. “On the following day, the envoy was taken to the General Head Quarters for consultations with General Musharraf. This meeting was meant to last for 30 minutes. It went on for 3 hours, from 8 pm to 11 pm. Besides General Musharraf and the envoy, only the head of ISI was present in the room. The meeting concluded that the Chenab Formula should be the basis of discussion with India to resolve the Kashmir conflict.” These revelations are made in Chapter 6 of the book titled “The Secret”. In Chapter 9 the book describes the Chenab Formula as follows: “As per this formula, the city of Jammu and some districts of Jammu province would go to India, while the city of Srinagar and most parts of the Kashmir valley as well as parts of Jammu region would be transferred to Pakistan. This division would be based on the flow of the Chenab, but it would to...
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