Museum of Tolerance

Topics: Discrimination, Stereotype, Prejudice Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: October 21, 2011
I decided to do extra credit for a field trip to the Museum of Tolerance. On Sunday, March 13, I went to the Museum of Tolerance with my sister. The first thing I noticed was you can’t bring camera to the Museum of Tolerance. As for me, I love taking picture and I was very disappointed. However, I went inside to the Museum of Tolerance and I kind of understand why you can’t bring camera to the museum. The Museum of Tolerance, in my opinion, is one of the best museums that were ever created. It tells the story of Holocaust and shows how the Jewish people were treated during that time. The museum shows film footage of deportation scenes and simulated sets of concentration camps. Although the basis of the museum is the Holocaust, the museum also makes people face racism and prejudices. The museum is anything other than ordinary and it is a very educational experience that I had before Getty Museum.

As I entered the first floor’s exhibit, I saw a short film about “words.” It described how words could have a powerful impact towards others. Also, there were clips from the past that demonstrated hateful acts towards others, such as the September 11 attack. The museum was concentrates on prejudice and discrimination around the world that led to many historical events and hopes to teach us about tolerance. From that point, I could go wherever I wanted to on our own. My sister and I followed some people into the “Millennium Machine.” In the room, I had a chance to interact and participate by answering the questions. The theme was about human rights and I had a different scenario that has occurred in history. The clips of history showed what were against human rights. One major clip was about 9/11 attack. Another clip was about the affecting woman around the world are prostitution and rape. A woman is raped around the world every 2 minutes. A local discrimination towards woman is in the workforce woman that is constantly facing the glass wall and...
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