Museum of Tolerance

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  • Published : February 25, 2008
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Museum of Tolerance
The Museum of Tolerance, in my opinion, is one of the best museums that were ever created. It tells the story of the Holocaust and shows how the Jewish people were treated during that time. The museum shows film footage of deportation scenes and simulated sets of concentration camps. Although the basis of the museum is the Holocaust, the museum also makes people face racism and prejudices. This museum is anything other than ordinary and it is a very educational experience.

The whole story of the Holocaust is a very sad and depressing. When you first enter the museum, each person is given a passport with a picture of a child on it. Each child was involved in the Nazi rule and had their life forever altered because of it. As you go through the exhibits, you learn about the child and what happens to them throughout the Holocaust. At the end of this exhibit, you put your passport into a machine, and it tells you what happened to the child that you had. The one that I had was only six years old, and she didn't make it. There is one exhibit that is called "The Hall of Testimony". This is where you can hear the stories of the Holocaust survivors. There are also artifacts and documents that this museum withholds. It has actual copies of letters from Anne Frank. It's amazing that there are actual real documents that were able to be saved from this time. There are also images of the bunk beds that people were ordered to sleep in while they were in the death camps. The living conditions weren't by any standard, reasonable. The whole section of the museum made me appreciate the life that I live.

Another part of the museums is the Tolerancenter. This section isn't focused on the dramatics of the Holocaust, but more so on issues that we are still dealing with today. There is one display that is of a recreation of a 1950's diner that shows a menu that list controversial topics instead of actual food. Following scenarios focus on drunk driving and hate...
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