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Topics: Explorer, Time, Exploration Pages: 2 (352 words) Published: April 12, 2012
Dear Mr. Museum Director,

We have come across what I believe to have been a site here in western Asia used by previous explores to learn more about the Neanderthals. I believe the findings to be all items used by the exploring team. Our crew has carefully studied the circular objects and this was most likely for their tent set up. We have found interesting artifacts .

-Two Small Square Objects with thin wax coating: I believe that these square objects with the wax tips sealed a strong liquid. Explorers may have used this liquid to either store findings or put to sleep any animals found.

-Three cylinder shaped metal objects: I believe after careful research that these are cups because they are light enough to hold in one hand . One for each explorer possibly.

-One hard-paper covered object with slices of maps and pictures: This artifact I assume was a map of the area being excavated.

-One additional hard-paper covered object with slices of numbers and writing: I have decided that this is also a journal, but used to draw their findings for future studies.

-One soft, crumpled, paper object with a small amount of rose coloring: I believe this to be paper the pink may have been runoff from the rusted cups.

-Five metal objects with jagged edges secured on a small metal ring: This is a key ring. not sure what they may have opened but can guess maybe their containers that held food supplies, tools, maps etc or maybe their own personal containers.

I believe this-site was left quickly and the explorers could not break it down. They may have been attacked or scared by Tigers native to this area. The bricks are what I believe the floor for their table. Evident of what I believe of explorer setting up a camp site for a long period of time.

Mr. director I would like more time to continue the excavation and dating of this site so that we may learn more of what the team of 3 two men and a women were studying.

Matthew Torres
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