Muscle Milk

Topics: Nutrition, Advertising, Convenience store Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: April 21, 2011
Muscle Milk Advertising Campaign
With health and fitness being at the forefront of importance in today’s world, a proper diet with essential nutrients, vitamins and protein are critical. Part of the inconvenience of eating so healthy is the time it takes to prepare balanced, healthy meals. The following article will introduce the reader to a health food company named Cytosport who has an easy, ready to drink/eat products named Muscle Milk. The following media plan is driven by several key goals. Primarily, the plan aims to increase awareness and knowledge in the community about the benefits of incorporating Muscle Milk into one’s diet. We would like to not only maintain the current customer base the company has but also seek to appeal to new customers in order increase the brand awareness thus increasing sales and long-term profitability. The objective is to integrate multiple types of media vehicles over a 12 week marketing campaign to convey our message to the public and ultimately boost sales in Palm Beach County by 30% of the prior year’s sales. Muscle Milk is a protein supplement manufactured by Cytosport whose worldwide headquarters are in Benicia, California. According to Bloomberg Businessweek (2011, ¶ 1), “CytoSport, Inc. manufactures sports-oriented nutritional products for athletes and active lifestyle individuals. It offers various products, including performance proteins, endurance and recovery, energy, joint health, and collegiate, as well as Muscle Milk, a muscle formula that promotes fat burning, lean muscle growth, and recovery from exercise”. Muscle Milk most popular products are ready to drink, non-dairy, trans-fat free and lactose-free milkshake like beverage. The delicious shake is known for its traditional milkshake flavors such as banana, chocolate, and vanilla. Muscle Milk also produces and distributes other meal replacement meals in the form of snack bars, energy drinks, oatmeal, protein powder and other various supplements with...
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