Muscle Cars: Past and Present

Topics: Chevrolet Camaro, Pony car, AMC Javelin Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: December 1, 2011
Muscle Cars: Past and Present
There have been many different car designs throughout the years but none as popular as the muscle cars of the 1960’s. The 1960’s was a golden era for American automakers with the creation of the vintage iron. With that era long gone, the automakers were driven to recreate visions of the past. The 1960’s muscle car is the inspiration to the newly resurrected models of 2010 with great style and performance. Muscle cars are an American icon, and it still holds true with the best redesigned models from the 1960’s: Chevy Camaro, Dodge Challenger, and Ford Mustang. The Chevy Camaro has many similar style and performance features as its counterpart of the 1960’s. The style of the 2010 model has refined the smooth sleek contours of the 1960’s model. The headlights are still inset into the grill outline like the older 1960’s model yet giving more attitude and feistiness about it. The fenders provide the same flare while the tail fin has the same sporty feature as its 1960’s partner. The performance of this newly mined classic is in keeping with the old. The inspiration to provide massive horsepower still draws the drivers in like it did before. The redesign provides maximum acceleration and the feel of the classic muscle car with the horsepower race of decades before. Within the 2010 model, the 1960’s model this seeps through to give a classic look and feel to this redesigned beauty. The Dodge Challenger has redesign features close in comparison to that of the 1960’s models. In keeping with original exterior body style of this American icon, the redesign captures the curvature with subtle softening of the contour. The front end design integrity has been protected by keeping the original round headlights inset into the grill. The integrity was also well maintained in providing the same style of tail light to match that of the older counterpart. Another aspect that has held the integrity of the original 1960’s model is performance. The...
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