Muscle and Exercise

Topics: Obesity, Muscle, Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder Pages: 3 (962 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Jeni Hewitt
English 101
Mr. B
17 March 2013
Do you exercise?
Obviously exercise is important and has many benefits. When the word exercise is mentioned, what comes to mind? Some people believe that exercise is more of a health and heart thing. Some believe exercise is more for appearance and the way one looks. While others believe exercise is for psychological reasons. Exercising is important for a lot of things dealing with the body. Most all benefits of exercise are helpful for the body and health. Remember to breathe and have correct form or else the body could get injured. Also, always speak with a doctor before starting or continuing an exercise. Exercising can result in many different effects to the mind and body.

From the moment a person starts exercising, the heart begins to exercise also. Exercise can cause noticeable effects on the heart (Sherwood 1). When the heart begins to exercise, the blood begins to pump harder throughout the body. Many people who have diseases such as diabetes and heart disease exercise for this reason, to fight off the disease. Beth Levine, a physician at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, found scientific evidence that explains how exercise can help fend off diabetes (Kresge 1). According to Levine’s study “cells break down cellular junk to get extra energy, thereby cleaning house while you exercise.” When cells get rid of the “trash” in them, they recycle the good parts back to the cell, which causes new energy for the cell. That process is called autophagy. Levine’s research shows that increased autophagy may be the reason as to why exercise can protect against type two diabetes and other metabolic disorders (Kresge 2). During this process, a double membrane forms around the cellular garbage then lysosome, an organelle, fuses with the membrane and its enzymes rush in to break up the unwanted stuff, making raw materials for producing new proteins or energy for the cells. When the...
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