Muscle and Biceps

Topics: Muscle, Physical exercise, Biceps brachii muscle Pages: 3 (951 words) Published: February 7, 2011
Today I am going to tell you a very important topic or atleast topic that most people would consider important in their own fitness program. And that is the question about how to build big and strong arms. It is not secret that virtually every lifter out there at the gym wants to build big muscular arms and they usually place arms training as one of the main focuses in the workout plan. The funny thing is that despite being at the top of most poeples list of priorities at the gym, the vast mojority of trainees actually have a very poor understanding of what it takes to stimulate mazimum arm growth. The realty it is actually pretty simple. I'm not saying it is easy, but fundamentally it is very straight forward.In order to lay the ground work, let me establish 3 main tricks for you when it comes to stimulate arm growth.

1. Relatively speaking, biceps and triceps are small muscle gourps 2. Your biceps are heavily stimualted every time you perform a basic pulling movement for your back 3. Your triceps are heavily stimulated every time you rperform a basic pressing movememnt for your chest or for your shoulders

So keeping this in mind the most important thing to realize when it comes to stimulating maximim arm growth is that your biceps and triceps only required a very small amount of direct stimulation. So if you want to achieve some real biceps and triceps growth, simplify your workouts cut back onyour training voulume, reduce your frequency and stick to all of the most basic exercises. Trust me you don't need any fancy techniques in order to properly build your arms. In terms of specific volume and frequencies, I am going to strongly recommend that you only directly train your biceps and triceps once a week. And you perform no more than four total sets per workout. So, that is four sets for biceps and four sets for triceps once a week. And remember that it is four sets per work out not per exercise. Aslong as you focus basic exercise and perform every...
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