Muscle Activity Report

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1.) Record your data for the threshold, submaximal and maximal stimuli in the below table.

2.) Display your labeled records of threshold, submaximal and maximal contractions.

3.) Explain why the contraction of the single muscle fiber is all-or-none while the contraction of the whole muscle is a graded response?

4.) Define a muscle twitch.

5.) Display your labeled record of a muscle twitch. Specisify and calculate the latent, contraction and relaxation periods.

6.) List the events that take place at the cellular level during each of the twitch periods.

7.) Display your labeled records of the effects of low temperature on muscle activity.

8.) Display your labeled records of the effects of high temperature on muscle activity. 9.) Summarize your results in the following table:

| |NORMAL |COOLED |WARMED | |Contraction Time | | | | |% Change | | | | |Relaxation time | | | | |% Change | | | |

10.) Compare your results with the expected actions of temperature on muscle activity. Account for the effects of temperature change and interpret your results.

11.) Display your labeled record of a treppe.

12.) Account for so called “Warm-up” phenomemenon.

13.) Display your labeled record of

i. Incomplete Teatanus...
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