Musang Berjanggut Synopsis

Topics: Islam, Sociology, Head of state Pages: 3 (1096 words) Published: April 10, 2013
‘Musang berjanggut’ (Bearded fox) movie is directed by P. Ramlee tells about Pura Chendana country that had a king named Sultan Alam Shah Bana. King had a problem could not have a prince, so he adopt a child as a prince. Prince was trained to be a smart kid, smart, great at ‘silat’ and magic. Then as an adult, the prince was asked the prince to find his queen, but the prince did not want to married with the children of the nobles of his kingdom, and he ventured to get the right life partner. Prince ventured into various districts and met with many people. From this movie we can see how Malay traditional society in term of politics, culture, belief/religon, society lifestyle and others. In the political terms we can see that the Malay traditional society is a kingdom system of government. The kingdom had authority in rules, which was also associated with aspects of culture and religion. The kingdom was headed by a king/sultan that have the full authority of the General rule. At the time of the Buddhist, king of the Malay community was said to be descendants of the gods, or gods, known as Devaraja. Because of Islam as hereditary king of the gods no longer relevant, that the king regarded as ‘khalifah’ of Allah. Usually, the king was followed by the chiefs known as magnifying four, berlapan, sixteen, and so on. In this movie we can see that the city was ruled by a king named Sultan Alam Syah Bana and some prime minister of the king. Succession to the throne is descended from the father (patrilinear system). From the film, we could see Sultan Alam Syah Bana needeed to extend his throne because the queen could not give them the descendant, the king adopted a children namely Tun Nila Utama to be his descendant. In the cultural, we can see malay traditional costum ‘baju kurung’ is loose on arms stomach and chest. By the time the bottom baju kurung parallel to the groin, but loose some are elongated parallel so that the knees. ‘Baju kurung’ is not fitted with studs but...
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